Making Crafting More Of A Priority


Does You Teenager Need A Hobby? Three Benefits Of Redwork Embroidery For Older Kids

In a world that is filled with video games and smartphone apps, teenagers sometimes struggle with finding a project that allows them to unplug. When your teenager is looking for something new to break up the boredom, sewing crafts are an option that requires little more than a fabric and pattern combined with a needle and thread. Since many teens are currently interes

3 Craft Projects To Make With Chainette Fringe

Chainette fringe is a lovely decorative fringe that every hobbyist should know about. It's incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide array of sewing projects. It can look sweet and innocent or edgy and daring depending on your color choice and application. Here are three craft projects you can make with chainette fringe: 1. Throw pillows Pillows are a great proje

Get Your Craft On: 3 Crafts To Do This Holiday Season

Keeping your hands busy with a craft is a great way for you to not only get a project done but to stay productive doing something fun as well. The great thing about crafting during this time of year is that whatever you make you can usually gift to someone you love. From Oxford punching to knitting, this article will t

Repaint Your Home To Change Your Mood

Your environment influences how you feel. When you're in a beautiful, clean space, it's easy to feel happy. Your house is where you rest and spend the majority of your days. The color of your home has an effect on how you feel, so if you're feeling the need for a change in your life, repainting your interior walls is a good place to start. Here are some color options