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Repaint Your Home To Change Your Mood

Your environment influences how you feel. When you're in a beautiful, clean space, it's easy to feel happy. Your house is where you rest and spend the majority of your days. The color of your home has an effect on how you feel, so if you're feeling the need for a change in your life, repainting your interior walls is a good place to start. Here are some color options that will help you set the mood in your house.


Yellow is a clean and happy color. It's reminiscent of spring, and it's a popular choice to brighten up any home. If you decide to paint your walls yellow, opt for a soft pastel yellow. Darker yellows such as mustard are likely to be too overpowering. Yellow walls will invigorate you and help you to feel lively and alert.


White walls are a classic for a reason. They're neutral and pleasant, which makes them the perfect blank canvas for any additional decorating you might want to do. If you favor white walls, consider repainting your house eggshell instead. It's a classy, neutral color like white, but it carries a little extra sophistication. As a bonus, eggshell-colored walls are less likely to show dirt and smudges. Eggshell walls will help you to feel elegant and refined while relaxing in your home.


Choose to repaint your home blue if you're looking for an option that stands out. Darker blues may be too overwhelming, so stick to lighter blues instead. The color blue will remind you of the ocean and the sky on a clear day. Light blue walls are very soothing, and they will turn your house into an oasis of relaxation.

Slate gray 

Light colors aren't for everyone. Some people prefer the moodiness of a dark color in their home. If this sounds like you, slate gray might be the right color for you. Its blue undertones inject a hint of color into your home without being overpowering. Its a very dramatic color! If you decide to paint your interior walls this color, Houzz recommends that you decorate with light-colored furniture. This will prevent the house from looking too dark and dour.

Repainting your house can be fun. There are so many options to choose from. Let your house become an extension of your personality and paint it in a way that reflects who you are. When you decorate your walls with the right colors, you can influence your own mood in positive ways. Visit a paint store for more information.