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Vinyl Floor Graphics To Use At Your Gym

If you operate a local gym, ordering a selection of custom vinyl floor graphics and displaying them around your space is a good idea. You can use this type of signage in a number of ways. Therefore, think about what messages you want to share and then get in touch with a local printing company. They can design and produce some floor graphics to meet your specifications. While there are countless different ideas that you can consider, here are three options that can work well in your gym

Uplifting Messages

It's common for gyms to display uplifting messages in different areas. Commonly, gyms have motivational posters and signs on the walls, and some gym staff members' shirts may even have messages that are designed to encourage the members. To continue with this, vinyl floor graphics that depict motivational slogans will be a good addition to your gym. Your members will clearly see these slogans as they work out — and, hopefully, get encouragement from them. You can place these graphics strategically around the gym. For example, you might want a message that encourages readers to do one more rep and have it be on the floor so that it's visible from the squat rack.

Monthly Promotions

While you'll likely want to leave some of your vinyl floor graphics in place indefinitely, don't overlook the possibility of using this type of signage for shorter periods of time. One option is to consider what monthly promotions you have, and then have your printing company produce a graphic for each month. You can then apply these graphics to the floor in a central area — perhaps immediately inside of the entrance to the gym — at the start of each month. Ideally, your gym members will look at this information as they walk over it, and may choose to take advantage of your promotions.


Vinyl floor graphics also work well for providing instructions to your gym members. For example, if your gym has a designated area in which people stretch before and after their workouts, you might use floor graphics to depict certain stretches. A series of graphics that show images of people stretching and that explain the importance of performing these stretches can inform and empower your members. Many people will enjoy learning more about stretching by reading the floor graphics around them.

For more information, contact a printing company, such as DCM Inc.