Making Crafting More Of A Priority

Does You Teenager Need A Hobby? Three Benefits Of Redwork Embroidery For Older Kids

In a world that is filled with video games and smartphone apps, teenagers sometimes struggle with finding a project that allows them to unplug. When your teenager is looking for something new to break up the boredom, sewing crafts are an option that requires little more than a fabric and pattern combined with a needle and thread. Since many teens are currently interested in handiwork from the past, this is the ideal time to introduce redwork embroidery to your teen so that they can enjoy the following benefits. 

Enjoy a Portable Project

Teenagers today often spend more time outside of their house than they do at home. Whether your kid travels frequently for sporting events, such as dance competitions, or rides the school bus, having something on hand that keeps their attention away from their smartphone is beneficial. Embroidery projects take up very little space, and your teen can easily slip their hoop and fabric along with their needle and scissors into a tote bag.

Learn an Easy New Hobby

Learning a new craft is sometimes intimidating. While your teenager can get inspired by complicated embroidery projects, it is better to have them start with something simpler. Redwork embroidery patterns are available for beginners, and they frequently use simple images of flowers, shapes, and small animals, such as birds, to create a sense of whimsy. Since redwork is done traditionally using only red thread, your teen doesn't have to stress over learning new skills, such as how to change thread colors, until they are ready.

Develop a Sense of Accomplishment

As your teen progresses in their skills and learns new stitches, they'll feel a sense of accomplishment that only comes from stepping out of their comfort zone and learning something new. Your teenager can also use their new craft to decorate anything they want, such as their backpacks and clothing. Alternatively, they could use the patterns to sew pretty images on kitchen towels or other items that they donate to a charitable cause. Either way, you'll both enjoy watching their skills develop with only a little practice.

Sewing is a relaxing hobby that teens can use to step away from the daily stress that they encounter from technology. Now that your teen is expressing interest in trying something new, hand them a needle and thread and show them how to do a few simple stitches. In time, you may just find the entire family sitting down to enjoy an hour of sewing instead of staring at their screens.