Making Crafting More Of A Priority

Get Your Craft On: 3 Crafts To Do This Holiday Season

Keeping your hands busy with a craft is a great way for you to not only get a project done but to stay productive doing something fun as well. The great thing about crafting during this time of year is that whatever you make you can usually gift to someone you love. From Oxford punching to knitting, this article will take a closer look at three holiday crafts that you may want to consider doing. Ready to learn to get your craft on? Read on. 

Oxford Punching

Oxford punching is a fun French-inspired way for you to make small crafts. Similar to needlework, Oxford punching is a craft that adds a little bit more dimension because it uses thicker yarn. To get started with Oxford punching, try investing in an Oxford punch needle kit. An Oxford punch needle kit will usually have things like a small loom, yarn, an Oxford punch, and an embroidery hoop. Once you have your Oxford punch needle kit, then you can get started. Usually, you take the yarn and put it in your Oxford punch and then start working it through the fabric in your embroidery hoop to make a pattern or picture. Reach out to a company like Checkmate Farm for more information. 

Needle Work

If you want to create crafts that are similar to Oxford punching but that look a little bit more detailed and precise, then you may want to consider cross stitching. Typically with cross stitching you will need some cross-stitch fabric, embroidery thread, an embroidery needle, and an embroidery hoop. Then, you start out by weaving the embroidery thread in and out of the holes to make an x-pattern.


If you want to create something like a throw blanket, hat, or a scarf, then you may want to try knitting. Knitting is a fun way to keep your hands busy and doesn't require as many tools as these other projects. By using knitting needles and yarn, you can work hard to create rows of stitches that come together to make one entire piece. 

Crafting is something that's good for the soul. And, it's always fun to see what you can create with your own two hands. If you are interested in learning a new craft, make sure that you either contact a craft store for lessons or that you watch instructional videos online for a few different tips. Just make sure that you always equip yourself with the right materials and you should be good to go.