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3 Fun Gifts To Give Your Friend Who Just Joined The Mom Club

If you have a friend who just became a mom this year, then it may be a fun idea to gift them something for the holidays that commemorates this big life-changing event. Rather than gifting them with something like a gift card, there are a few more personable gits for you to gift them instead. 

An Initial Necklace

One really fun gift that you may want to gift to your friend is an initial necklace with their child's first name's initial on it. For instance, if they have a daughter named Isabel, then you can get them a letter "I" on their necklace. One thing to keep in mind is the size of the initial. Although a large one may seem like a fun idea, it may not be something they want to wear every day, whereas a small one will be more discrete. 

Window Graphics

Window graphics with the outline of your friend's new family is a fun thing for them to put on the back of their car. These infographics are especially fun because you can add their spouse, kid(s), and animals too. Just make sure that you choose a size that matches their car. For instance, if they drive a really small, compact car, then you will want to have window graphics made that aren't too large. Also, make sure that you give them detailed instructions on how to apply them so that they don't peel off anytime soon. Find window graphics from a supplier like DCM Inc.

Custom Ornament

Every new baby deserves a "My first Christmas" ornament to be hung on their tree. If your friend doesn't have one of these ornaments yet, then consider being the one to give it to them. If you really want to be creative, then have one custom made that has their child's name or picture on it; that way it's more personalized. Look on websites that sell homemade products like Etsy to see if they have some custom ornament ideas that you know your friend will love and cherish for years and years to come. 

Although you may have been a parent for years, think back on your first Christmas with your first baby and try to make your friend's holiday equally as magical. With one of these three gifts, you can help create a memory that your friend will cherish for years and years to come. To learn more about these gift ideas, reach out to some retailers near you.